Danza Azteca Conference


Sep 03 - 04 2021


Hola Cultural Center - Jackson Park
801 Fourth Avenue East, Hendersonville, NC 28792

Danza Azteca is a living, evolving, cultural tradition using the artistic, spiritual, and traditions of the pre-Colombian Aztecs.

La Danza Azteca is a form of communication. It is a rich blend of music, choreography, poetry, theater, and most importantly of all, of deeply held spiritual faith. La Danza Azteca is a culmination of fifty thousand years of cultural celebration within the valleys and forest of central Mexico. It is ancient and anachronous. It is modern and futuristic. It is as old as the ancient alpine forests of Mexico, as current as the urban jungles of Aztlan. It owes as much to the ancient gods of Moctezuma as it does to the saints and virgins of Cortez. La Danza Azteca is kinetic prayer.