Our Programs

Community Needs, Community Created Solutions.

Our programs are based on the cultural challenges and strengths of a community as defined by its most precious resource – the people.  We don’t believe in taking a one-size-fits-all approach to serving our community. Our programs adapt and change with the most urgent needs in our communities. By delivering help and hope we reduce barriers for vulnerable residents to live and thrive.

News and Information en Español

Hola Carolina explores and gives a critical voice to the diversity of our community. Our communications team fills the gap in news information, combats misinformation and improves communication for the Spanish-speaking community. 

Hola Carolina delivers unparalleled access to the largest Spanish-language audience in Western North Carolina.

Equity in Health for Immigrant Communities

The pandemic has exposed the fragile state of our healthcare system, specifically in underserved communities. Hola Carolina is working hard to address racial disparities associated with COVID-19. Latinos are over-represented in essential jobs that increase their exposure to the virus. Dense, multi-generational housing conditions make it easier for the virus to spread.

Equally Informed Initiative

Hola Carolina’s Equally Informed Initiative has identified equity as a priority and launched a range of initiatives to address disparities both in response to COVID-19 and more broadly. Our broad range of efforts both within and beyond the health care system will be instrumental in advancing equity, including: prioritizing equity across sectors; providing resources to support efforts to advance equity; increasing availability of data; supporting and building on existing community strengths and resources; establishing incentives, accountability, and oversight for equity; and recognizing and addressing racism as a root cause of disparities.

Farmworker Health Program

Farmworkers face barriers to care, including limited availability of health care services in rural areas, cost, transportation, clinic hours, and limited language capacity. Few farmworkers are eligible for public assistance programs and the majority lack health insurance.

Hola Carolina’s comprehensive network of health care professionals provide culturally appropriate and accessible health services, empowering farmworkers and their families to live healthy lives.Our program includes outreach, case management and health education.

Education & Outreach

Hola Carolina programs bridges cultural communication between government, business and historically underrepresented and underserved communities building strategic partnerships to support greater engagement of these communities in policy, leadership, and initiatives.
Through strategic programs that celebrate cultural diversity with related educational and outreach activities, we bring people together to build stronger and more economically vibrant communities.

Culture, Arts and Racial Equity – CARE Initiative

Hola Carolina recognizes arts and culture as local assets and economic drivers that can be leveraged to strengthen communities. The Culture, Arts and Racial Equity or CARE Initiative provides accessibility to the arts for the LatinX/Hispanic community.

Hola Carolina develops arts and culture opportunities that foster understanding and forges genuine relationships among all communities.

Latino Economic Empowerment Program – LEEP

The Latino Economic Empowerment Program is a multifaceted pilot program funding professional, technical and marketing services and support for Latino small businesses and entrepreneurs, to help them expand and create jobs.

Hola Carolina understands the potential Latinos have to increase their economic prosperity for generations to come, and commits to tapping into that potential through workshops and public education campaigns.

Cocina Latina Teaches Low-Income Food Entrepreneurs to Build Restaurant Businesses

Cocina Latina cultivates food entrepreneurs as they formalize and grow their businesses by providing industry-specific technical assistance and access to market opportunities. The program instills an entrepreneurial spirit in our community while teaching skills needed to develop a business from scratch.

Hola Community Food Bank

Latino communities are facing greater economic hardship during the pandemic and are more vulnerable to hunger. In fact, food insecurity among Latinos rose from almost 16% in 2019 to more than 22% in 2022. To address food insecurity in Latino communities, Hola Carolina is working with local organizations to meet local needs and address the root causes of inequality.

Hola Carolina seeks and builds relationships with organizations who are creating change, we are deepening impact instead of duplicating it.

VAMOS Carolina – Transportation Services

Hola Carolina provides essential services such as critical transportation to hospitals, medical centers, pharmacies, grocery stores and food banks. In addition, our fare-free transportation service is available for educational, cultural and social activities.

Hola Carolina LatinX Connect

Hola Carolina LatinX Connect is a facilitated conversation among Latino leaders and organizations around the region designed to engage with the Carolina’s fastest-growing community.

Hola Carolina LatinX Connect meets bi-monthly and lunch is provided by our sponsor.

BAILEMOS “Let’s Dance”

As we work to build a welcoming community, we focus on using art and public spaces to bring people together.

BAILEMOS, is a culturally-tailored, community-based performing arts program developed to promoting cultural awareness, physical activity, self-confidence, perseverance, social interaction, and self-esteem while providing structure and a creative outlet to the members of our community.