Dedicated to exploring and amplifying the diverse voices within our community. By elevating narratives that celebrate America’s diversity and the enduring fight for equality, our aim is to foster impactful dialogues. We strive to empower individuals to champion positive changes in policies, systems, and environments that uplift the immigrant community.


SALUD | Health


Hola Carolina and our Health Equity Collaborative are leading a massive communications effort to inspire the Latino community to drive change for health equity.


Hola Carolina focuses on sharing more comprehensive perspectives and experiences that give us a richer connection to our community. We are committed to unearthing and sharing more inclusive stories that haven’t been previously told.


Hola Carolina Executive Director Adriana Chavela named the WLOS News13 "Person of the Week" for her advocacy and support of the Latino community.

Hola Carolina is pleased to announce that it has received a grant to support Equity in Health for Immigrant Communities in Western North Carolina.

Hola Carolina is building bridges between cultures and celebrating the diversity of our community.

Lets Build Something Amazing

Working in communities with the most need, we build healthy environments and help empower the Latino community to create lasting change that continues for generations. Our programs focus on health education, empowerment and communications to provide our community a path to success and a chance to envision a future we never thought possible.

We believe that every culture has a history and tradition to honor. This common thread allows us to communicate across cultures in a universal language and understand one another in a different way.


We envision a world where movements have transformed power and privilege for a few into equity and equality for all.

Why healthy behaviors?

The Latino community often has greater health problems and are more likely to suffer from preventable diseases because of lack of access to proper treatment. Health issues are often the main factor plunging families further into poverty.

Our programs teach healthy behaviors, including good hygiene and proper nutrition, and provide access to health care and dental clinics at our community events and life-changing community centers.

Why empowerment?

The story of Latinos in our community is a long one, filled with tradition, innovation and inspiration. Latinos, of course, are not homogenous. Made up of different races and nationalities, and with vastly different histories. One thing Latinos have in common is the challenges we face.

Our programs foster social responsibility through leadership, life skills, entrepreneurship and employment-training workshops, so members of our community are empowered to make an impact in their communities.

Why communications?

Hola Carolina fills the gap in news information, combats misinformation and improves communication for the Spanish-speaking community.

Our work helps our community understand the presence, contributions and challenges of Latino families in the Carolinas. Our diverse outreach and public awareness programs inform, educate, enlighten and enrich the Spanish-speaking community.

It’s about impact, goodness, and being the change you want to see.

Join our incredible community of donors building bridges between cultures and embracing the diversity of our community. They’re world changer and history makers – people like you, from around the world, giving anything they can to prove how unstoppable we are when we work together.


Our Supporters

We understand there is power in going beyond organizational boundaries and doing together what we may not be able to do alone. Our nonprofit, corporate and government partners share an appetite for collaboration and seek to strengthen by aligning complementary strengths and resources.