LEAF Festival


Oct 14 2021


Leaf Festival
377 Lake Eden Road, Black Mountain, NC 28711

LEAF’s 49.5th Festival theme is GLOBAL CITIZEN. As peoples from different geographical locations, we so often have been separated by borders and countries, that we forget that we are part of a much larger family…humanity!! Willful to this notion, we bring to you our theme for our Fall festival: “The Global Citizen!!” LEAF is your passport to experience rich cultural music and traditions, to remind us of our glorious diversity, but with the purpose of bringing us closer together. From stellar acts like Tito Puente Jr. and Las Cafeteras, to the world orchestra of Ethno Camp, we will bring you beautiful music, dance and culture in typical LEAF fashion. Time to pack your bags & get ready for a World tour. Time to be a “Global Citizen!!”

For more information and tickets: https://theleaf.org